Mom and MeMy Mother has always been the perfect example of a strong empowering female. She was a working Mom my entire childhood, and I absolutely idolized her. Frankly, she was a badass Lady Boss. She definitely considers herself a feminist and has always instilled in me that women were capable of anything. She encouraged me to thrive in mathematics, science, and technology but also focused on the arts. She said, “there’s no reason you can’t do it all.” And that is how I became an Artist that also works in STEM.

Me, Mini Me, and BearWhen I had a daughter of my own, I realized how important it is to teach young girls today about female empowerment, and the opportunities that they can have with hard work, dedication, solid ethics, empathy, and simply being tenacious. Strong, smart women are breaking more and more glass ceilings every day. I design with these women in mind and the ones they inspire.


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